A Trainer for Occupy Mars: Prologue

Currently ocmCheater can read and change PlayerSuitsParams, PlayerDayCycle and all inventories.
It cannot change items, which have special properties like "Durability" for example at the potato. This are generally items which have a progress bar. For this kind of items a special inventory is included in the save game file, which will currently not be touched. Nevertheless, you can add potatos to an inventory anyway...
The position of the items in their slots cannot be preserved - they will be reordered.

ocmCheater reads and changes the file "GameData" only. Before saving any changes, it creates a backup file "GameData_ocmCheater_bak".

Many additional items of the game can be made visible - but be warned most of them do not work (like the walls) and will bug the game. Other work well... Try and error ;)

A future version maybe can change some properties of the rover (cleaning windows, changing energy and oxygen...) and will try to influence the weather.

Download ocmCheater